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Start Your Podcast Workshop Series

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If you know a podcast is the right addition to your business content strategy, if you want to become an authority in your niche or if you have a hobby that you’d love to share with the world, this course is for you.

In 4 x Thursday evening workshops over 6 weeks, Ellen Ronalds Keene will take you from no podcast to having 3 episodes recorded, produced and ready to launch.

When: 6pm – 8pm Thursday 15th November, Thursday 22nd November, Thursday 13th December and Thursday 20th December

Where: Canvas Coworking Space, Suite 1/625 Ruthven Street, Toowoomba

Included: 4 x workshops, homework tasks, 3 hours time in The Pod recording booth.

Cost: $495.00


Product Description


It’s the golden age of podcasting right now, and they are a great opportunity for your business.

You know you have to connect with your customers and users, and that you need to build the ‘know, like, trust’ factor with your audience.

You’ve tried blogging, but you find writing a slog.

You’ve heard video is powerful, but you’re just not comfortable on camera.

Social media is great, but it seems like such hard work when every post has such a short shelf-life.

Enter: podcasting.

You don’t need to be on camera, you don’t need to think about spelling or punctuation, and your content won’t disappear down the feed after a few days.

It’s a growth industry, it has many of the ‘know like trust’ benefits that video does, but without the need for backdrops and lighting and ‘do I look okay?’ worries.

Not only do podcasts quickly build the know, like and trust factor with ideal customers, they’re an excellent way to demonstrate your authority and expertise.

There are over 500 million active YouTube channels, and roughly the same number of active blogs, but less than 1 million active podcasts. It’s still early days of this growing platform and you have plenty of opportunity to stand out.

About the instructor: Ellen Ronalds Keene is a teacher turned entrepreneur who is passionate about health and wellbeing, education, podcasting and cafe breakfasts. She splits her time between her teacher wellbeing business, Self-Care for Teachers, and freelance consulting work supporting small business owners with their podcasts, digital content and course curriculum.

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