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Ask An Expert – Advertising Copy Expert – Geoff Roberts


What is Ask An Expert?

Ask An Expert sessions are available, thanks to the generosity of these experts in our community, who see the value in supporting up and coming entrepreneurs to make informed decisions during the hectic early stages of starting a new business.

By accessing their knowledge and experience, during a 30 minute personal conversation, you are able to get suggestions on how to prepare yourself for the next steps in your business development. This could include which products, tools & techniques can help you move forward more smoothly and which services or platforms to access to save you time and money during these lean early days.

Each of our Experts are available free of charge during this session. Future conversations or actions (if any) are then negotiated between you and the Expert.

Canvas Coworking is not involved with any future activity that results from a mentoring session, nor do we take any commission.

Book your spot to make sure you don’t miss out. You can also just show up on the day and wait for next available time, but a spot cannot be guaranteed unless you book.

This is not a workshop, this is a one-to-one conversation about you & your business. Please only book a time-slot for when you are confident you can be here.

Cost: FREE for Members of Canvas Coworking Inc.
Apply to become a Member via http://canvascoworking.com.au/product/member-application/

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