Anything Else

$5.00 inc GST

Here at Canvas Coworking, we work on an honesty system with those who use our facilities and services…it makes life easier and much more friendly.

We know, that sometimes you want to pay us for something that you have used, or something that we have done, that was a bit out of the ordinary.

This could be:
* running overtime on a room booking
* printing or laminating (if you aren’t a member, or use more than what you feel is ‘fair’)
* bringing a guest to an event that is free for members
* paying your drink fridge tab
* something you accidentally broke
* ad-hoc mentoring or coaching
* sponsorship of an event or activity
* you won the lottery and feel like supporting a good cause
* repaying coins you took from the jar to pay for parking
* or something else entirely

We trust that you will calculate an amount that is appropriate.

We do pay a credit card transaction fee on every payment, so the minimum amount is $5 (for which we incur a $0.39 fee)…anything less than that and it isn’t viable to accept via card (however you can always drop a few coins in the jar on the dishwasher next time you are in instead).

It will help us if you put a brief description in to let us know what the funds are for.

Thank you!

A base payment of $5 applies by default.
Please enter the amount you wish to pay (less the $5).
For example, if you wish to pay $20, enter $15 in this field.