ideas into reality

Welcome to Ideas Into Reality, a podcast to inspire everyone to take action to turn their ideas into reality, no matter what experience they have, where they live or who they think they are right now. 

On this journey, we will be introducing you to founders that have taken their tiny flicker of an idea and done what it takes to bring it to reality.

We will be asking them to share the real, behind the scenes story…
* what triggered their idea in the beginning 
* what it has taken to get them where they are now
* how has their idea morphed along the way
* who has helped them on their journey
* what were some of the pitfalls they encountered
* what is coming up next for them
* what key lesson have they learned that they want to share with you

to encourage you to make the choice to leap and start on your own journey of bringing your idea into reality.

Each week, we will also take a few extra minutes to dig into the ‘how’ of some of those lessons, so that you can feel more confident… in what to actually do… when you start to take action on your idea.

Ideas Into Reality is hosted and produced by the team behind Canvas Coworking and Startup Toowoomba, so we will be talking to founders from our local community in regional Queensland, as well as some of the interesting folk that we have met during our travels around the globe. 

There are millions of stories waiting to be told, and many many millions more that have yet to evolve. 

We want to fan the flames of those ideas that are yet to see the light of day.  

If you are keen to know what it is really like to turn an idea into reality, be sure to subscribe to this podcast on your favourite podcast app and let your friends know too, they might be sitting on an idea that you do not even know about yet. 

Ideas Into Reality

Our podcast is here to share the stories of the wonderful people we have met, who have taken their flicker of an idea and done what was needed to bring it to reality. Please listen, send us your feedback…and if you like it, tell your friends!

Joy is so knowledgable, kind and helpful! I always feel welcome at Canvas Coworking and really appreciate the time they take to speak to you and the genuine care and advice that they offer. I highly recommend heading in to Canvas Coworking if you’re in business. Pop in for a chat and they can offer you a world of advice and lead you in the right direction.

Camilla H.