flexible offices

Growing businesses need flexible spaces. We offer a range of options with no long term contracts, so you can scale up or down as required.

Moving your business out of home, off your dining table or out of the spare room, can give you your life back. Removing yourself from distractions, creating purposeful boundaries, being visibly committed to your business growth and surrounding yourself with others who understand the daily challenges and rewards of growing your own business, could be the catalyst you need to shift gears in your business.

We embrace diversity of all types, therefore we want to point out that not all of our residents are entrepreneurs…and that is totally okay! The future of work is changing, and more employees have the choice to work remotely from their companies headquarters. That does not mean that they need to be isolated…they can enjoy being part of a community with access to shared facilities, and still have their own private space.

One Person Offices

Blakely (Quiet Zone | Semi-Private)

Huffington (Quiet Zone | Semi-Private)

Foster (Quiet Zone | Semi-Private)

Bell (Private)

Two Person Offices

Drury (Quiet Zone | Semi-Private)

Gates (Quiet Zone | Semi-Private)

Perkins (Quiet Zone | Semi-Private)

Simson (Private)

Three Person Offices

Uniapon (Semi-Private)

Edison (Semi-Private)

Thiel (Semi-Private)

Brin (Semi-Private)

do you need some peace and quiet?


Would love to be around other people, but not be interrupted?
Yes! Then the ‘Quiet Zone’ could become your haven.
Purpose built for solo or dual occupancy, these beautiful offices are bright and open, with semi-private features.
They give you a space to yourself, but you can still see others around, so you do not feel isolated.
There is no loud talking or music in the quiet zone, so you can focus totally on the task at hand…
then wander out to the kitchen or open plan coworking area when you feel the desire to connect with others.



street front signage

Being visible is important for every business, even when you are sharing an office with others. You want your clients to be able to find you easily, and for potential clients to learn about you. We offer 2 options for street front signage for our resident. 

$75/name plate | $250/fascia sign

virtual office

Even though many of us rarely get snail mail, the need to have a professional office address still exists, and you may not want everyone to know where you live. A virtual office gives you the option to use our address, as your address. 


business membership

Upgrade to a premium membership to gain promotion of your business to the community. Have your business name and logo listed on this website; hanging on the member wall of fame; promoted on our social media and in our weekly newsletter.

From $500/month

Amazing venue! Joy and Dave have gathered an interactive, inspiring team, that we love being apart of. We have worked from many Coworking venues and Canvas Coworking is our absolute favourite. We love Canvas Coworking!

Kath M.