Do you make plans and set goals for your business growth?

How are you going achieving them?

Are you on track?

Or, do you need to make a change and refocus?

Would you like some help with that?


why join a sprint?

For many of us, our intentions are great, however finding the time and energy to achieve all that we want requires something extra…accountability
the thing that encourages us to act now, rather than leave it ’til later.

Hiring a great business coach or finding a committed accountability buddy are not always as easy to do as the glossy magazine sites suggest.

So, what is the solution?

Commit to ‘FOCUS’

FOCUS is an accountability program, with a twist!

Define Your Objective

What is it that YOU want to achieve during the 30 days? It could be to prepare, progress or finish something that will move your business forward.

Tracking Framework

We provide you with an online platform to share your daily activity and a physical tracker to see your progress and keep your objective front of mind.

Break It Down

You then think about the pieces of that objective, the ‘building blocks’, ‘milestones’ or ‘ingredients’ that you will need to work on. You might have 3-5 of these.

Daily Stand Ups

Each morning, you will state very clearly what activity you are going to do that day, that will move you closer towards your objective.

It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.

Chinese Proverb

Sprint inclusions

To achieve a different outcome, you need to take a different action. This includes where you put yourself, and who and what you surround yourself with.

A change of scenery can be all it takes to shift your mindset from fixed to growth. Eliminating distractions and providing inspiration supports new thoughts and encourages new actions.

Our beautifully furnished and decorated offices are equipped with all you need to focus on your objective. They are suitable for one person and are located in a quiet, distraction free area of Canvas Coworking. , you can still take part in FOCUS remotely.

In light of the current coronavirus situation, we are also offering this round of FOCUS online. If you are participating remotely, we encourage you to rearrange the space that you usually work in, add a new plant, swap around a painting or print a new quote for the wall.

The following are included for those taking the onsite option:

A beautiful, bright, furnished, semi-private office

Clean & tidy meeting rooms with presentation facilities

Access to quiet room & equipment for recording

A pantry & fridge stocked with healthy snacks

Space to chill out and relax or meditate

24/7 access to let you work to your schedule


Someone who cares about your success and listens

Fast internet, plenty of powerpoints & printers

Access to tools & resources to create a prototype

Daily informal social interactions with coworkers

Small Like-Minded Cohort

From seeing you are not the only one; to sharing ideas, experiences and daily challenges; being part of a group accountability sprint provides access to thoughts you would never think of on your own.

Specialist Experts

Roadblocks come in all shapes and sizes however, being able to ask someone who actually knows and understands the question is priceless.

We have experts available on a regular basis, to help answer your questions about legal, accounting, human resources, automation, manufacturing, websites, branding and commercialisation.

Sprint Schedule

We believe in keeping it simple!
Day 0 : get settled, collect keys & codes, state your objective and milestones, set up your tracker, access online platform and meet the other sprinters

Day 1 – 30 : attend daily stand up (virtually), state your focus activity for the day (via online platform)…then take the necessary steps to complete the activity and report back to confirm the outcome.

Days 7, 14, 21, 28 & 30: join the group check-in to keep connected with other sprinters and give a quick update on your progress towards your objective.

Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.

Serena Williams


The value that comes from being part of a committed and accountable group, is the openness to share what is working, and also what is not.

Our experience has taught us, that cohorts share more openly when they are more closely connected on a regular basis, and through a variety of experiences.

Therefore, we want to be clear about a few key expectations we have for everyone.


What you discuss or overhear does not get repeated without the express permission of all parties involved in the conversation.



The sprint lasts for 30 consecutive days and we expect you to commit to the full duration.

Active participation adds to the value and enjoyment for all sprinters. We do not expect that you will respond to every single comment made, though we do expect that you will be active in the online group every day.

Taking a ‘rest day’ from your FOCUS activity is acceptable. It does not have to be on a weekend. All we ask is that you acknowledge this ‘rest day’ in advance.


Attitude & Respect

Working from a shared environment will be new to some people. We encourage everyone to consider if their activities will be disruptive to other people in the space.

This includes, but is not limited to the nature of conversations, the volume of conversations, personal hygiene, following through on commitments and active participation in the sprint.


Designed For

We believe that the Focus – 30 Day Accountability Sprint is best suited for self-employed people, startup entrepreneurs, remote workers, or freelancers.

So long as you have a clear goal of what you want to achieve in the 30 days and agree to comply with the expectations set out above, you are welcome to join the sprint.


We regret that the offices are located in a part of the building that is not wheelchair friendly.

For online delivery, we will be using Zoom and Slack. You will need to have access to the internet, a phone, laptop or computer with a webcam to fully participate in this sprint.


Office | $0 Coworking Resident | $50 Community Member | $100 Non-member 
Virtual Only | $50 Community Member | $100 Non-member

Prices are per person and include GST
‘Member’ is a current financial member of Canvas Coworking Inc.

NEXT Sprint Commences in









Day 0 - Preparation Day

Wednesday 25 May 2022


Day 1 - Sprint Commences

Thursday 26 May 2022


Day 30 - Sprint Concludes

Friday 24 June 2022

Are you ready to change your environment and achieve your goal?

Do not overthink it. Do not allow yourself to be distracted.

Make the commitment today, and trust in yourself that you will achieve your goal.

Select the place type that will suit you best, and we look forward to meeting you on Day 0!


One of the most exciting, challenging and important parts of the sprint is deciding what you want to FOCUS on.

Setting your ‘objective’ for 30 days can be a bit daunting, particularly if you are not already familiar with goal setting and like many of us, have a fear of failure and a desire to achieve 100%.

We want to see you stretch and strive during the sprint. It is not designed to be a leisurely cruise to the finish line. This is an opportunity for you to see what you can achieve.

Do not be afraid to aim high and miss. The result will still exceed that which you would achieve if you aim low and hit.

The purpose of the sprint is not generally for business-as-usual activity, unless you are really struggling to focus on meeting your existing commitments to your clients. It is designed to help you achieve the important, but often pushed aside goal that makes way for the urgent busy work, or for pushing hard to achieve an ambitious objective that will require you to knuckle down consistently.

If you are looking for examples of what an ‘objective’ is, the following suggestions may help you get the ideas flowing.

Set up an online store to sell your products to a new market

Create a new product launch strategy to drive pre-sales


Write a book

Build a website so clients can access resources online

Develop and launch an e-course

Create 3 months of content for blog & social media platforms

Document your organisations standard operating procedures

Transition to a cloud-based accounting system

Create an onboarding process for a new team member

Prepare to rebrand your business

Design, create and test a new product prototype


The list of possible objectives is endless…it is up to you!

Once you have decided what your objective is, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure where to even start.

We find it very helpful to break the objective into a series of blocks, milestones or ‘ingredients’. These are the smaller parts that once they all come together, will mean you have achieved your objective.

Breaking It Down


Tell the stories of our members by creating and launching a podcast with 10 episodes


* establish brand awareness (including name, jingle, graphics and communications)

* set up technical requirements for recording, editing and hosting

* develop the podcast structure (including segments, guests and topics)

* record and edit 10 episodes

* launch podcast

Daily Activity

There will be a myriad of small tasks (activities) that will need to be done to achieve your objective. We do not expect that you know what they all are right at the beginning, or how long they will all take you.

It is good to create a list of what you can think of so far, but do not try and predict what day you will do each one too far in advance.

Each morning (or the evening before if that works better for you), consider what you have achieved already, what needs to be done next, how much time you have available that day, what your energy levels are like and whether your mind is in a creative, technical or analytical state…then choose something from your list that feels the most important and achievable.

If you are collaborating with someone else be sure to book and plan your meetings ahead of time to allow you to keep moving forward and show respect for their time and creative energy too.

Your daily activity needs to be specific, it needs to include the scope of what is being done. A couple of methods are S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, results orientated and time-bound) OR ‘how much, of what, by when, where/how and with whom’

Daily Activity Examples

* set up an online calendar booking system for guest interviews

* prepare an email template to use for guest presenters to explain how to prepare for the interview and book a time for their recording session

* make a list of 30 potential guest presenters, with a topic idea, phone and email details

* make a list of 10 topic episode topics

* spend 30 minutes reaching out to potential guests via phone to identify their interest

Checking Back In

Once you have completed your stated activity for the day, you then come back to the online platform and check-in.

Let us know how you went, whether you feel the activity was fully or partly completed (or not at all) and what (if any) challenges you encountered or successes you achieved.

This could be written, or a video…whichever you feel allows you the freedom to share not only what you did, but how you feel about the activity and your progress.

Update your paper tracker too, so you can see your progress any time at a glance.

have a question?

Feel free to ask any questions via email to

or call Joy on 0407 584 987