A bit about us

Canvas Coworking Inc is a not-for-profit association formed by members of our community who are passionate about developing the local startup ecosystem. Our objectives are to:

provide a hub for the diverse community of the Darling Downs & South West Queensland which encourages entrepreneurship through support of the startup ecosystem and social enterprises AND to develop partnerships between skilled mentors, freelancers and entrepreneurs to foster collaboration, incubation and acceleration of the development of innovative, scalable businesses that will drive economic growth in our ever changing environment.

The Coworking Space is being developed as a ‘lean startup’…we have a vision for how we see the space adding value to the lives of entrepreneurs, designers, developers, hackers, makers, hipsters and anyone else who just ‘has an idea’! However, we know that our vision is nothing if it does not match the needs of the people…and that is where you come in, literally!

Come in and visit the space, stay and work for the day, the week, the month…and become part of the Canvas Community.

We want your feedback, the door will always be open to those who are willing to be involved and provide constructive suggestions on how we can turn this small beginning into something that will be useful and help the community turn their own ideas into reality!