Monday Movements

From: $10.00 inc GST for 1 week


Do you start the week feeling rushed and out of control?
Do you find the time to relax, stretch and make peace with the day?

Join in to Monday Movements and experience the calming sensation that breathing and moving in sequence provides.
Quiet your mind and start your week feeling calm and in control. Perfect for beginner or novice level participants.

When: Every Monday @ 7:30am for 45 mins
Where: Branson Room, Canvas Coworking Space, Ruthven St Toowoomba
What: Tai Chi

What to wear: Comfortable clothes that let you move easily
Cost: $10 per session

Instructor: Sherrilyn Walters is the head instructor of Tai Chi at the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia. Coming from a background in horse training and classical dressage, Sherrilyn entered the martial arts world in 2003 and has been an avid student ever since. Sherrilyn trains in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan under Si Fu Christian Hanche at the Cape Town branch of the CMAHC and studies both the Chang Chuan and Hong Chuan Kung Fu systems. Sherrilyn travels back to South Africa regularly to continue her personal training in both Tai Chi and Kung Fu. Visit for more details.